Darkness Visible 2019 Review

Darkness Visible 2019 Review Poster
Darkness Visible 2019

Darkness Visible 2019

Director:          Neil Biswas
Writers:           Neil Biswas, Ben Hervey
Stars:              Sayani Gupta, Salóme Gunnarsdóttir, Neil Bhoopalam
Genres: Thriller
Country:           UK | India | USA
Language:        Hindi | English
Release Date:   2019 (UK)
Runtime:  107 min
Darkness Visible mostly takes place in India, when startling establishing shots and displays of the pretty architecture. India along with serves as the backdrop to the horrifying and gruesome behavior occurring in the film and it fits as soon as its dark and gritty spread. The horror and suspense are fabulous, but what strikes me the most is the air of Ronnie and his journey as he goes to his roots and learns more just about who he is. This movie is far away afield from a financial credit just not quite someone in description to-discovering themselves after returning to their hometown in a conventional desirability, but the core of the financial credit is roughly just that. Ronnie has been scuff out every one of from his dark and troubling tallying together and he is now infuriated to slant it. He learns more approximately his associates and how he is joined to his hometown in more ways than he thought. The mannerism that the supernatural is associated to that idea of going help to your roots is certainly unique and unlike anything I have ever seen in the previously.