Kid Jokes 2019

Kid Jokes 2019

Kid Dreams : 

Age 10 :   I Want to be a Pilot.

Age 15 :   I Want to be a Scientist.

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Age 20 :   I Want to be an Engineer.

Age 25 :   I Want to be a Kid again.

Date of Birth

Teacher :What is your date of birth ?
Kid : October 13th
Teacher : Which year ?
Kid :It is every year !!!
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Go to a Gail

Teacher :  Change the sentence in future tense “I Killed a Person” ….
Kid :         Sir you will go to a gail
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etc Jokes
Why do we write “etc” at the end in the exam ??
Its Means :
E …… End of
T …… Thinking
C …… Capacity
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When you’re dressed all in black and some smart ass asks you who died, simply look around the room and say, “I haven’t decided yet.” | More